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Known for its breathtaking natural landscape, abundant forests, charm, covered bridges,

The picturesque state of Vermont, a true gem in the northeastern United States. This remarkable destination is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscape, abundant forests, charm, covered bridges, and its reputation as a major hub for delectable maple syrup production. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, Vermont has something to offer every traveler.

Vermont’s landscape is a testament to its natural beauty. Forests dominate the scenery, providing a haven for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Thousands of acres of mountain terrain are crisscrossed with an extensive network of hiking trails and world-class skiing slopes. In the warmer months, explore the lush forests, pristine lakes, and meandering rivers, or embark on a scenic hike along the renowned Long Trail, which extends for over 270 miles through the Green Mountains.

One of Vermont’s most iconic features is its collection of over 100 19th-century covered wooden bridges. These charming structures provide a glimpse into the state’s history and are perfect for leisurely drives or scenic photography. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you traverse these beautifully preserved bridges.

Vermont is celebrated as a major producer of maple syrup. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor this sweet and authentic treat by visiting a local sugarhouse. Learn about the time-honored process of tapping maple trees and transforming their sap into the golden syrup that graces breakfast tables around the world. You can even take home a bottle of this liquid gold as a delicious souvenir.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, admiring covered bridges, or indulging in maple syrup delights, Vermont promises an unforgettable experience. This charming state offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to connect with nature and history. So, pack your bags and come discover Vermont’s serene landscapes and warm hospitality. Your journey to the Green Mountain State will leave you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Vermont Activities

16 activities to consider when visiting this diverse and exciting destination.

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Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe Mountain Resort, located in Stowe, Vermont, is a renowned destination for outdoor enthusiasts and offers a wide range of activities and attractions:

Skiing and Snowboarding: Stowe is a top-tier winter sports destination, known for its world-class skiing and snowboarding on Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak.

Hiking and Biking: In the summer and fall, explore the resort’s extensive network of hiking and mountain biking trails, with scenic vistas and beautiful landscapes.

Gondola Rides: Take a gondola ride for breathtaking views of the Green Mountains and the surrounding area.

Zip Lines and Treetop Adventures: Enjoy thrilling adventures like zip lines and treetop obstacle courses.

Golf: Stowe Mountain Resort offers an 18-hole mountain golf course for golf enthusiasts.

Luxurious Accommodations: Stay in cozy lodges, upscale hotels, or resort homes with easy access to the slopes.

Stowe Mountain Resort is an all-season destination that provides outdoor adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

The Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour in Waterbury, Vermont, is a delightful experience for ice cream lovers, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the iconic ice cream brand:

Ice Cream Production: Witness the ice cream-making process from start to finish, including mixing the ingredients, churning, and packaging.

Flavor Sampling: Enjoy a tasting session of some of Ben & Jerry’s most popular flavors, including exclusive flavors created at the factory.

Flavor Graveyard: Pay your respects at the Flavor Graveyard, where discontinued flavors are humorously memorialized.

Scoop Shop: Visit the on-site Scoop Shop to indulge in a variety of scoops, sundaes, and other frozen treats.

Sustainability: Learn about the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

The Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour offers a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages, providing a delicious insight into the world of ice cream production and the company’s values.

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Shelburne MuseumShelburne Museum

The Shelburne Museum, located in Shelburne, Vermont, is a unique and expansive museum that showcases American art, culture, and history:

Diverse Collections: Explore a vast and diverse collection of over 150,000 artworks, artifacts, and objects representing American life from the 17th to the 20th century.

Art and Design: Marvel at American folk art, impressionist paintings, decorative arts, and textiles from various periods.

Historic Buildings: The museum features 39 historic buildings, including houses, barns, and other structures, relocated to the museum grounds to preserve and display Vermont’s architectural heritage.

Exhibitions: The museum hosts changing exhibitions that offer fresh perspectives on American art and history.

Family-Friendly: Enjoy educational programs, activities, and interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages.

Circus Building: Explore the impressive Circus Building, home to an extensive collection of vintage circus posters, memorabilia, and a miniature circus model.

The Shelburne Museum is a captivating destination that offers a multifaceted exploration of American culture and history, making it a must-visit for art and history enthusiasts.

Quechee Gorge

Quechee Gorge, often referred to as “Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon,” is a picturesque natural wonder located in Quechee, Vermont:

Scenic Beauty: Known for its stunning natural beauty, the gorge features a deep chasm carved by the Ottauquechee River, surrounded by lush forests and rock formations.

Hiking Trails: Explore hiking trails along the gorge rim, offering panoramic views of the river below and the surrounding landscape.

Overlook: Visit the Quechee Gorge State Park’s observation deck to capture breathtaking photos of the gorge and its waters.

Swimming Hole: In warmer months, the river’s clear waters create a popular swimming spot.

Fishing: The Ottauquechee River is also a favorite spot for fishing.

Picnicking: Enjoy a relaxing picnic in the park while taking in the scenic vistas.

Visitor Center: The nearby Quechee Gorge Village features a visitor center, shops, and restaurants.

Quechee Gorge is a natural gem that offers outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers an opportunity to appreciate Vermont’s rugged beauty and serene landscapes.

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Woodstock, Vermont, is a charming New England village known for its historic and picturesque character:

Historic Downtown: Stroll through the village’s well-preserved historic downtown, characterized by 19th-century architecture, charming streets, and a quintessential village green.

Shopping and Dining: Explore local boutiques, art galleries, and enjoy farm-to-table dining experiences at the village’s renowned restaurants.

Billings Farm & Museum: Visit the Billings Farm & Museum to learn about Vermont’s rural heritage and experience farm life.

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park: Explore the park, including the beautifully landscaped gardens, and learn about conservation and the park’s history.

Outdoor Activities: Enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking, and winter sports in the nearby Woodstock Inn & Resort’s Nordic Center.

Covered Bridges: Admire the historic covered bridges, such as the Taftsville Covered Bridge.

Woodstock’s idyllic setting, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities make it a beloved destination for those seeking a quintessential Vermont experience.


Manchester, Vermont, is a charming town in southern Vermont, known for its beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, and a touch of New England elegance:

Manchester Village: Stroll through Manchester Village, a quintessential New England town with boutique shops, art galleries, and charming inns.

Shopping: Explore designer outlets, including Manchester Designer Outlets, and discover high-end fashion, homeware, and more.

Equinox Resort: Visit the Equinox Resort & Spa, a historic luxury resort offering golf, spa treatments, and fine dining.

Hildene – The Lincoln Family Home: Tour the former home of Robert Todd Lincoln, son of President Abraham Lincoln, and explore its beautiful gardens and exhibits.

Orvis: Visit the Orvis flagship store, where you can shop for fly-fishing gear and outdoor clothing.

Arts and Culture: Manchester is home to cultural events, art galleries, and performances at venues like the Southern Vermont Arts Center.

Manchester offers a blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and refined shopping and dining, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing and elegant Vermont getaway.

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Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield, located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, is the state’s highest peak and a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts:

Hiking: The mountain offers a variety of hiking trails, including the Long Trail, leading to the summit. The trails provide opportunities for hikers of all skill levels.

Skiing and Snowboarding: In the winter, Stowe Mountain Resort, which includes Mount Mansfield, offers excellent alpine and Nordic skiing, as well as snowboarding.

Gondola Rides: For those seeking stunning panoramic views without the strenuous hike, a gondola ride to the summit is available in the summer and winter.

Rock Climbing: The mountain provides rock climbing opportunities, attracting climbers to its crags and cliffs.

Fall Foliage: Experience breathtaking fall foliage as the forests of Mount Mansfield burst into vibrant colors.

Wildlife Viewing: Keep an eye out for wildlife, including deer, moose, and various bird species that call the mountain’s forests home.

Mount Mansfield is a year-round destination offering diverse outdoor activities and some of Vermont’s most spectacular scenery.

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain, spanning the border of Vermont, New York, and Quebec, is a magnificent freshwater lake known for its natural beauty and historical significance:

Scenic Beauty: Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the lake and surrounding Adirondack and Green Mountains, making it a haven for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Water Activities: Engage in a variety of water sports, including swimming, sailing, kayaking, and fishing on the pristine waters of Lake Champlain.

Ferry Crossings: Explore the lake by taking a scenic ferry ride, such as the Burlington-Port Kent Ferry, offering a unique perspective of the region.

Lake Champlain Islands: Visit the islands on the lake, where you can explore charming communities, parks, and beaches.

Biking and Hiking: Enjoy the Lake Champlain Bikeway and hiking trails that offer stunning views of the lake and its surroundings.

Wildlife: The lake is home to various wildlife, and you may spot birds, fish, and other creatures along its shores.

Lake Champlain’s natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and historical sites make it a diverse and captivating destination for visitors year-round.

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Sugarbush Farm

Sugarbush Farm, located in Woodstock, Vermont, is a family-owned maple syrup and cheese farm that offers a unique and delicious experience:

Maple Sugaring: Learn about the process of maple sugaring during a visit to the sugarhouse, where you can see how maple syrup is made and sample different grades of maple syrup.

Farm Tours: Take a guided tour of the farm to explore the maple and cheese-making facilities, and gain insight into the farm’s history and operations.

Cheese Tasting: Enjoy cheese tastings featuring a variety of award-winning cheeses, including cheddar, gouda, and more.

Hiking Trails: Stroll through picturesque hiking trails on the farm’s property, taking in scenic views of the Vermont countryside.

Picnicking: Bring a picnic and savor it on the farm’s grounds, surrounded by the beauty of Vermont’s landscape.

Sugarbush Farm provides a delightful and educational experience that showcases Vermont’s maple syrup and cheese-making traditions, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Rock of Ages Quarry

The Rock of Ages Quarry in Barre, Vermont, is one of the world’s largest granite quarries and a unique destination for those interested in geology, history, and stunning landscapes:

Quarry Tours: Take a guided tour into the depths of the quarry to witness the massive scale of the granite excavation and learn about the quarrying process.

Granite-Cutting Demonstrations: Watch skilled artisans cut granite with precision, creating monuments and memorials from the stone.

Scenic Overlook: Visit the scenic overlook for breathtaking panoramic views of the quarry and the surrounding Vermont countryside.

Granite Gift Shop: Shop for unique granite-related gifts and souvenirs, including small pieces of polished granite.

Historical Relevance: Discover the vital role of Barre granite in monuments and memorials worldwide, including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The Rock of Ages Quarry is an intriguing destination for those fascinated by geology and craftsmanship, providing insights into the world of granite quarrying and its global impact on architecture and monuments.

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Cabot Creamery

Cabot Creamery, headquartered in Cabot, Vermont, is a cooperative of dairy farmers known for producing high-quality dairy products, particularly cheese. Visitors to Cabot Creamery can enjoy various experiences:

Cheese Tastings: Sample a wide variety of award-winning cheeses, from cheddar to specialty cheeses, in the on-site shop.

Self-Guided Tours: Explore the creamery’s Visitor Center, featuring informative displays about dairy farming, the cooperative’s history, and the cheese-making process.

Farm Tours: Take a guided tour of a nearby Cabot dairy farm to gain insights into modern dairy farming practices.

Deli and Café: Enjoy freshly prepared meals, sandwiches, and other dairy-centric dishes at the deli and café, often incorporating Cabot cheeses.

Sustainability: Learn about Cabot’s commitment to sustainability and its impact on rural communities.

A visit to Cabot Creamery offers a delectable journey into the world of dairy farming and cheese production, and it’s an excellent way to savor the flavors of Vermont.

Craftsbury Outdoor Center

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center, located in Craftsbury, Vermont, is a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, offering a wide range of activities and experiences:

Nordic Skiing: The center is renowned for its extensive network of cross-country ski trails, providing excellent skiing opportunities for all levels, including groomed and backcountry trails.

Biathlon: Train or try your hand at biathlon, a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, with professional coaching and top-notch facilities.

Rowing and Sculling: Take to the pristine waters of Hosmer Pond for rowing and sculling, with equipment rentals, lessons, and competitive programs.

Mountain Biking: Explore the center’s mountain biking trails, offering various terrain for riders of different skill levels.

Running and Hiking: Enjoy scenic running and hiking trails that meander through the beautiful Vermont landscape.

Lodging and Dining: Stay at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s accommodations and savor delicious, locally-sourced meals at the dining facilities.

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is a haven for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering year-round opportunities to engage in a variety of outdoor activities while surrounded by Vermont’s natural beauty.

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Smugglers’ Notch Resort

Smugglers’ Notch Resort, nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont, is a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide array of activities and amenities:

Skiing and Snowboarding: The resort boasts excellent skiing and snowboarding terrain with a variety of trails for all skill levels.

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing: Explore the winter wonderland on the extensive network of snowshoe and cross-country ski trails.

Summer Adventures: Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, zip-lining, and disc golf during the warmer months.

Water Fun: The resort’s Water Park features pools, water slides, and splash areas, providing endless fun for families.

Children’s Programs: The resort offers extensive children’s programs and activities, including daycare services and age-appropriate adventure programs.

Lodging Options: Choose from a range of accommodations, including condominiums, townhouses, and mountainside villas.

Smugglers’ Notch Resort provides a perfect blend of outdoor adventures and family-friendly activities, making it a sought-after destination for both winter and summer getaways.

Jay Peak Resort

Jay Peak Resort, situated in the Green Mountains of Vermont, is a year-round destination offering a wide range of activities and amenities:

Skiing and Snowboarding: Jay Peak is renowned for its excellent alpine and glade skiing, with abundant natural snowfall and challenging terrain.

Pump House Indoor Waterpark: The resort’s indoor waterpark features slides, a lazy river, hot tubs, and a surf machine, providing family-friendly fun year-round.

Golf: Enjoy golfing at the 18-hole championship golf course with scenic mountain views.

Hiking and Mountain Biking: Explore hiking trails during the summer and access mountain biking trails with chairlift rides.

Aerial Tramway: Take a scenic ride on the Aerial Tramway to soak in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Ice Skating and Hockey: In winter, ice skating and hockey are popular activities at the resort’s indoor Ice Haus.

Spa and Wellness: Unwind at the Taiga Spa or indulge in wellness treatments, including massages and yoga classes.

Jay Peak Resort offers a perfect blend of outdoor adventures, relaxation, and family-friendly activities in a beautiful Vermont mountain setting.

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Killington Resort

Killington Resort, located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, is the largest ski resort in the eastern United States and a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts year-round:

Skiing and Snowboarding: With diverse terrain, including groomed trails and challenging glades, Killington is a premier winter sports destination.

Mountain Biking: During the summer, the resort offers a vast network of mountain biking trails, including downhill and cross-country options.

Golf: Enjoy a round of golf on the resort’s 18-hole championship golf course with stunning mountain views.

Hiking: Explore hiking trails and take in the natural beauty of the Green Mountains.

Scenic Gondola Rides: Take a gondola ride for panoramic views of the surrounding area during both summer and winter.

Nightlife: Killington has a vibrant nightlife scene, with bars and restaurants offering entertainment and apres-ski activities.

Killington Resort is a year-round playground for outdoor adventures, making it a great destination for skiing, mountain biking, and other recreational activities.

Okemo Mountain Resort

Okemo Mountain Resort, located in Ludlow, Vermont, is a popular year-round destination known for its outdoor activities and family-friendly atmosphere:

Skiing and Snowboarding: The resort offers well-groomed trails and terrain parks for winter sports enthusiasts of all levels.

Mountain Coaster: Experience an exhilarating ride on the Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster, winding through the forested mountain slopes.

Snow Tubing: Enjoy the thrill of snow tubing on specially designed lanes, suitable for all ages.

Hiking and Biking: Explore hiking trails and mountain biking paths during the summer months.

Golf: Tee off at the Okemo Valley Golf Club, a championship 18-hole course with scenic views.

Scenic Gondola Rides: Take a scenic gondola ride to the summit for stunning views of the surrounding Green Mountains.

Okemo Mountain Resort offers a welcoming atmosphere and a wealth of activities, making it an excellent choice for both winter and summer getaways.

Top 10 Q & A about Vermont

Q. What are the best months to visit Vermont?

The best months to visit Vermont are during the spring (May-June) and fall (September-October) when the weather is mild and the scenery is beautiful. Summers can be hot and humid, and winters can be cold and snowy, but both seasons offer their own unique activities and attractions.

Q. What are Vermont’s must-see attractions?

  • Ben & Jerry’s Factory: Take a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s factory and sample some of their delicious ice cream flavors.
  • Shelburne Museum: This museum is home to a collection of over 150,000 artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, and folk art.
  • Lake Champlain: This lake is the largest in Vermont and offers a variety of activities, such as swimming, boating, and fishing.
  • Stowe Mountain Resort: This resort is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking and biking in the summer.
  • Manchester Center: This charming town is known for its outlet shopping and its proximity to the Ben & Jerry’s factory and the Manchester Resort.

Q. What are some unique experiences to have in Vermont?

  • Visit a sugarbush: Vermont is known for its maple syrup, and visitors can take tours of sugarbushes to learn about the maple syrup making process and sample some of the delicious syrup.
  • Go for a hike in the Green Mountains: The Green Mountains offer stunning scenery and a variety of hiking trails for all skill levels.
  • Visit a farm: Vermont is home to many family-owned farms, and visitors can take tours to learn about sustainable agriculture and purchase fresh produce and other goods.
  • Attend a maple syrup festival: Vermont hosts a number of maple syrup festivals throughout the year, where visitors can learn about maple syrup making and enjoy maple-themed food and drinks.
  • Go skiing or snowboarding in the winter: Vermont is home to several world-class ski resorts, making it a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Q. What are the best cities to visit in Vermont?

  • Burlington: Burlington is the largest city in Vermont and is known for its vibrant downtown area, its proximity to Lake Champlain, and its proximity to the University of Vermont.
  • Montpelier: Montpelier is the capital of Vermont and is known for its historic State House and its charming downtown area.
  • Brattleboro: Brattleboro is a charming town known for its arts scene, its independent shops, and its proximity to the Green Mountains.
  • Bennington: Bennington is a town known for its historic downtown area, its Bennington College campus, and its proximity to the Ben & Jerry’s factory.
  • Woodstock: Woodstock is a charming town known for its covered bridge, its picturesque downtown area, and its proximity to the Appalachian Trail.

Q. What are some tips for getting around Vermont?

The best way to get around Vermont depends on your itinerary. If you are staying in one city, you can get around by car, bicycle, or public transportation. If you are planning on visiting multiple cities or rural areas, it is best to rent a car.

Q. What should I pack for a trip to Vermont?

What you pack for a trip to Vermont will depend on the time of year you are visiting and the activities you have planned. If you are visiting in the summer, be sure to pack light, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and a hat. If you are visiting in the winter, be sure to pack warm clothing, a raincoat, and sturdy shoes.

Q. What are some safety considerations for visiting Vermont?

Vermont is a generally safe state to visit, but there are a few safety considerations to keep in mind. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas and at night. Do not leave valuables unattended in your car or hotel room. Be careful when swimming and hiking, and be aware of the dangers of rip currents and wild animals.

Q. How can I make the most of my trip to Vermont?

  • Plan your itinerary ahead of time and make reservations for popular attractions and restaurants.
  • Be flexible with your plans and be open to trying new things.
  • Take advantage of Vermont’s unique offerings, such as its maple syrup, its farms, and its Green Mountains.
  • Talk to locals and get their recommendations for things to see and do.

Q. What are some tips for saving money on a trip to Vermont?

  • Travel during the shoulder season or winter: Prices for flights and accommodation are typically lower during these times of year.
  • Cook your own meals: Eating out in Vermont can be expensive, so save money by cooking your own meals.
  • Take advantage of free activities: There are many free activities to enjoy in Vermont, such as hiking, swimming, and visiting the beach.
  • Purchase a Vermont Attractions Passport: This passport gives you discounted admission to a variety of popular attractions in Vermont.
  • Look for deals and discounts: There are often deals and discounts available for flights, accommodation, and activities in Vermont.

Q. What are some of the best places to eat in Vermont?

  • The Alchemist (Stowe) – Known for its Heady Topper IPA
  • Hen of the Wood (Waterbury) – Known for its farm-to-table cuisine
  • The Essex Restaurant (Essex) – Known for its classic New England dishes
  • The Red Hen (Middlesex) – Known for its wood-fired pizzas and local ingredients
  • The Farmhouse Tap & Grill (Burlington) – Known for its burgers and craft beer selection

Q. What are some of the best things to do in Vermont with kids?

  • Shelburne Museum – Has a variety of exhibits for kids, including a carousel, a puppet theater, and a play village
  • ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain – Has a variety of exhibits on Lake Champlain, including a touch tank and a live animal show
  • Vermont Teddy Bear Company – Offers tours and workshops where kids can learn how to make their own teddy bears
  • Magic Mountain Waterpark – Has a variety of water slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool
  • Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour – Takes kids behind the scenes of the Ben & Jerry’s factory, where they can learn about the ice cream-making process and sample some of the delicious flavors

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