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A rich tapestry of experiences for travelers.

In the heart of the American Midwest, Indiana offers a rich tapestry of experiences for travelers. With its diverse range of attractions, natural beauty, and cultural heritage, the state has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying the charm of small-town America, Indiana won’t disappoint.

A paradise for nature enthusiasts. The state is dotted with serene lakes, lush forests, and scenic hiking trails. Brown County State Park, known as the “Little Smokies” for its resemblance to the Great Smoky Mountains, is a haven for hikers and nature lovers. In the northern part of the state, the Indiana Dunes National Park boasts magnificent sand dunes and pristine Lake Michigan beaches. For water-based adventures, Indiana’s lakes and rivers offer opportunities for boating, fishing, and water sports. Monroe Lake, Patoka Lake, and the Wabash River are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

It has a rich and diverse history, and you can explore it through various historic sites and museums. The state is famously home to the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the legendary Indianapolis 500 race takes place. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is a must-visit for racing fans.

Conner Prairie, an interactive history park, provides a glimpse into 19th-century Indiana life, complete with historical reenactments and hands-on activities. In Vincennes, you can step back in time at the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, which commemorates the capture of Fort Sackville during the American Revolution.

Indiana’s cultural scene is vibrant, with numerous museums, theaters, and festivals. The Indianapolis Museum of Art (now known as Newfields) is renowned for its vast art collection and beautiful gardens. The Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis showcases a wide range of dramatic performances. If you’re in the mood for live music, head to Bloomington, home to the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. The city has a thriving music scene and hosts various festivals throughout the year.

Its small towns are brimming with charm and hospitality. Places like Nashville, Madison, and Shipshewana offer quaint streets lined with unique shops, cozy bed and breakfasts, and delicious local cuisine. You can explore local crafts, antiques, and enjoy a slice of homemade pie.

To make the most of your visit to Indiana, plan your itinerary ahead of time. Engage with locals for insider tips, and don’t forget to attend some of the state’s popular events and festivals, such as the Indiana State Fair or the Indy 500. Whether you’re here for outdoor adventures, historical discoveries, or a taste of small-town life, it will welcome you with open arms.

So, consider Indiana as your next travel destination and uncover the hidden treasures of the Hoosier State. From natural wonders to cultural delights, Indiana offers a unique blend of experiences that will leave a lasting impression on any traveler.

16 activities to consider when visiting this diverse and exciting destination.

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, located at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is a haven for motorsport enthusiasts and offers a range of activities and experiences:

Historic Race Cars: Marvel at a collection of legendary race cars, including winners of the Indianapolis 500, Formula One vehicles, and iconic speedway racers.

Trophy Room: Discover the history of the Indianapolis 500 through the display of iconic trophies and memorabilia from past races.

Interactive Exhibits: Engage with interactive exhibits that allow visitors to explore the science and technology behind auto racing.

Historical Artifacts: Explore a wide array of historical artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the speedway’s rich history.

Track Tours: Join guided bus tours of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to experience the iconic oval track, pit area, and Gasoline Alley.

Gift Shop: Shop for motorsport-themed souvenirs, books, and memorabilia at the museum’s gift shop.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum provides an immersive and educational experience that pays homage to the history and excitement of motorsport, making it a must-visit destination for racing enthusiasts.

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, offers a rich cultural and artistic experience:

Art Collections: Explore a diverse collection of Native American and Western art, featuring paintings, sculptures, and artifacts that highlight the history and culture of indigenous peoples and the American West.

Special Exhibitions: The museum hosts temporary exhibitions showcasing a wide range of contemporary and traditional Native American and Western art.

Native American Galleries: Immerse yourself in the museum’s Native American art galleries, which include pottery, textiles, and beadwork.

Western Art Galleries: Discover Western art that reflects the landscapes, lifestyles, and history of the American West.

Educational Programs: Participate in lectures, workshops, and cultural events to deepen your understanding of Native American and Western art and culture.

Outdoor Sculpture: Admire outdoor sculptures and installations that add to the museum’s cultural and artistic offerings.

The Eiteljorg Museum is a cultural gem, providing insight into the rich heritage of Native Americans and the art of the American West.

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Newfields, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a cultural campus offering a wide range of activities and experiences:

Indianapolis Museum of Art: Explore a diverse collection of art, including European, American, Asian, and contemporary pieces. The museum also hosts special exhibitions.

The Garden: Wander through a 152-acre garden with diverse landscapes, including the beautiful Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park with contemporary art installations.

Lilly House: Tour the historic Oldfields-Lilly House, a National Historic Landmark with stunning architecture and period-furnished rooms.

Historic Campus: Discover historical buildings and gardens that add to the charm of the campus.

Outdoor Activities: Enjoy outdoor activities like picnicking, hiking, and walking, with various trails and green spaces.

Special Events: Newfields hosts a wide range of special events, including art festivals, concerts, and holiday celebrations.

Newfields offers a dynamic blend of art, nature, and culture, making it a delightful destination for visitors of all interests.

Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis is a captivating institution that offers a wide range of activities and experiences:

Exhibits: Explore a diverse collection of exhibits covering Indiana’s history, natural science, art, and culture. Highlights include displays on prehistoric Indiana, the state’s military history, and a range of art and artifacts.

IMAX Theater: Catch larger-than-life films and documentaries on the IMAX screen, offering immersive cinematic experiences.

Interactive Displays: Engage with interactive displays that provide hands-on learning experiences for visitors of all ages.

Educational Programs: Participate in educational programs, workshops, and lectures that delve into various aspects of Indiana’s history, science, and culture.

Café and Gift Shop: Enjoy a meal or pick up souvenirs at the museum’s café and gift shop, offering a range of Indiana-themed items.

The State Museum provides a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the state’s heritage, making it an enriching destination for both residents and visitors.

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Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the world’s largest children’s museum and offers a plethora of interactive activities and experiences:

Diverse Exhibits: Explore a wide array of exhibits covering topics such as science, technology, world cultures, art, and history. Highlights include the Dinosphere, SpaceQuest Planetarium, and the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience.

Hands-On Learning: Engage in hands-on learning with interactive displays, activities, and experiments that encourage children to explore, discover, and learn through play.

Theater and Performances: Enjoy live shows, theater performances, and demonstrations that entertain and educate children and families.

Outdoor Play Area: The museum’s outdoor sports experience offers opportunities for physical activity and play, with sports challenges and interactive games.

Special Events: The museum hosts special events and programs throughout the year, providing additional entertainment and learning opportunities.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a dynamic and educational environment, designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning in children.

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, located in Fishers, Indiana, offers visitors a unique journey through time with a variety of immersive activities:

Interactive History: Experience living history as you interact with costumed interpreters portraying life in different eras, from early European settlements to the Civil War.

Prairie Pursuits: Participate in hands-on activities, including farming, gardening, and period-appropriate chores, to gain insight into 19th-century rural life.

Balloon Voyage: Enjoy a tethered helium balloon ride for panoramic views of the park and the surrounding countryside.

Animal Encounters: Visit farm animals, including oxen, horses, and chickens, and learn about their role in historical agriculture.

Science Experiences: Explore the history of innovation and technology through exhibits and demonstrations.

Conner Prairie offers an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages, allowing them to step back in time and actively participate in historical life and activities.

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Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana Dunes National Park, located on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, offers a range of activities for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts:

Hiking: Explore over 50 miles of scenic trails that wind through diverse ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, and dunes. The 3 Dune Challenge is a popular hike featuring the park’s tallest sand dunes.

Beach and Swimming: Enjoy the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline with sandy beaches and opportunities for swimming and sunbathing.

Birdwatching: The park is a hotspot for birdwatching, with over 350 bird species. The annual migration of raptors is a must-see event.

Wildlife Viewing: Observe various wildlife, including deer, foxes, and a variety of plant and animal species native to the region.

Kayaking and Canoeing: Paddle along the park’s waterways, including rivers and marshes, providing a unique perspective on the dunes.

Camping: Camp at designated campgrounds within the park for an immersive experience in this natural wonder.

Indiana Dunes National Park offers a combination of natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and outdoor activities for all to enjoy.

Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park, often referred to as the “Little Smokies of Indiana,” is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wealth of activities amidst scenic woodlands:

Hiking: Explore numerous trails that traverse through the park’s rugged terrain and provide striking vistas, including the challenging and rewarding trails in the park.

Mountain Biking: The park features a network of mountain biking trails, offering exciting rides for cyclists of all levels.

Horseback Riding: Equestrians can explore the park on horseback with dedicated trails and horse rental services.

Picnicking: Enjoy a meal in the designated picnic areas scattered throughout the park, surrounded by lush greenery.

Fishing: Cast your line in Ogle Lake, Strahl Lake, or other water bodies within the park, with the chance to catch a variety of fish species.

Camping: Camp at the park’s campgrounds, which offer a range of camping options, including primitive, electric, and full-hookup sites.

Brown County State Park is a peaceful haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering activities in a beautiful, wooded environment.

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Turkey Run State Park

Turkey Run State Park, nestled in western Indiana, is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers:

Hiking: Explore a network of rugged trails, including the popular Trail 3 and Trail 10, which traverse deep sandstone gorges and lush forests. Marvel at unique sandstone formations and suspension bridges.

Canyon Exploration: Venture into scenic canyons like Sugar Creek Canyon and Lusk Home Canyon, featuring steep walls and picturesque views.

Picnicking: Enjoy a picnic in designated areas while taking in the natural beauty of the park.

Camping: Camp in the park’s campgrounds, with options for both electric and non-electric sites for tents and RVs.

Canoeing and Kayaking: Paddle along Sugar Creek, offering a relaxing and scenic float with opportunities for fishing.

Rock Climbing: Experienced rock climbers can tackle the challenging sandstone cliffs.

Turkey Run State Park offers a serene natural environment for hiking, picnicking, and outdoor activities amidst its unique and beautiful landscapes.

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park, situated in Madison, Indiana, is known for its stunning waterfalls and natural beauty, offering a range of outdoor activities:

Hiking: Explore scenic hiking trails that wind through deep canyons and dense woodlands, leading to breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls. The Clifty Falls Trail and Tunnel Falls Trail are popular choices.

Waterfalls: Admire the park’s waterfalls, including Clifty Falls, Little Clifty Falls, and Tunnel Falls, with opportunities for photography and relaxation.

Birdwatching: The park is a birdwatcher’s paradise, providing excellent opportunities to observe various bird species.

Picnicking: Enjoy a meal in designated picnic areas amidst the park’s natural beauty.

Camping: Camp at the park’s campgrounds, offering both electric and non-electric sites for tents and RVs.

Clifty Falls State Park is a serene and picturesque destination, making it ideal for hiking, waterfall enthusiasts, and nature lovers seeking tranquility in the outdoors.

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Hoosier National Forest

Hoosier National Forest in southern Indiana offers a diverse range of outdoor activities and natural attractions:

Hiking: Explore an extensive network of trails, including the Two Lakes Loop Trail and the German Ridge Recreation Area, providing opportunities to enjoy the forest’s diverse ecosystems.

Camping: The forest offers campgrounds where you can pitch tents or park RVs, providing a chance to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

Horseback Riding: Equestrians can traverse designated horse trails with picturesque views.

Fishing: Cast your line in numerous lakes and rivers, including Hardin Ridge Recreation Area, for a variety of fish species.

Wildlife Viewing: Observe the forest’s diverse wildlife, including white-tailed deer, turkey, and various bird species.

Scenic Drives: Take leisurely drives to soak in the forest’s beauty, especially during the fall when the leaves change color.

Hoosier National Forest offers a serene environment for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, providing activities in a pristine and natural setting.

Indiana Amish Country

Indiana’s Amish Country, located in northern Indiana, offers a unique and serene experience rooted in Amish culture and rural living:

Amish Tours: Join guided tours or self-drive through picturesque Amish communities to learn about their way of life, including traditional farming and craftsmanship.

Quilt Gardens: Visit the Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail, featuring stunning floral designs that mimic traditional Amish quilt patterns.

Amish-Made Goods: Explore Amish-owned shops and markets to purchase handcrafted furniture, quilts, artisanal foods, and other handmade products.

Amish Dining: Savor authentic Amish cuisine at local restaurants and family-style eateries, with dishes like homemade pies, fried chicken, and hearty comfort food.

Buggy Rides: Take a horse-drawn buggy ride to experience Amish transportation and enjoy scenic countryside views.

Nature Trails: Hike or bike on scenic nature trails amid rolling farmlands and lush countryside.

Indiana’s Amish Country offers a peaceful and cultural retreat, where visitors can immerse themselves in the Amish way of life and the scenic beauty of the region.

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French Lick Resort

French Lick Resort, located in southern part of the state, offers a wide array of activities and amenities for guests seeking relaxation and recreation:

Golf: Enjoy world-class golfing at the resort’s two championship courses, The Donald Ross Course and The Pete Dye Course.

Casino Gaming: Try your luck at the resort’s casino, featuring a variety of slot machines, table games, and poker rooms.

Spa and Wellness: Indulge in luxurious spa treatments, relax in mineral springs, or unwind in the state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

Outdoor Activities: Explore the scenic grounds with activities like hiking, horseback riding, and biking.

Historical Tours: Learn about the resort’s rich history with guided tours, including visits to the French Lick Springs Hotel and West Baden Springs Hotel.

Dining: Experience a diverse range of dining options, from fine dining to casual eateries, offering a variety of cuisines and culinary experiences.

French Lick Resort provides a luxurious and immersive retreat for guests seeking a blend of entertainment, relaxation, and outdoor pursuits in a beautiful natural setting.

Papaw’s Orchard & Country Market

Papaw’s Orchard & Country Market, located in Indiana, offers a charming rural experience with a range of activities:

U-Pick Orchards: Enjoy seasonal fruit picking, including apples, peaches, and berries, providing a fun and delicious outing for families and visitors.

Farm Market: Browse the market for fresh produce, homemade jams, baked goods, and artisanal products sourced from local farms and artisans.

Hayrides: Take a scenic hayride through the orchard and surrounding countryside, offering picturesque views and a taste of traditional farm life.

Petting Zoo: Visit the friendly animals in the petting zoo, including goats, chickens, and other farm critters, providing a delightful experience for children and animal lovers.

Seasonal Events: Participate in special events like harvest festivals, pumpkin picking, and holiday celebrations for added family-friendly fun.

Papaw’s Orchard & Country Market offers a wholesome and enjoyable rural experience, combining farm activities with opportunities for fresh, local produce and family-friendly entertainment.

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Zollner Performing Arts Center

The Zollner Performing Arts Center, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a cultural hub that hosts a variety of performances and activities:

Live Performances: Enjoy a diverse range of live performances, including concerts, theatrical productions, dance shows, and more, featuring both local and nationally acclaimed artists.

Educational Events: The center hosts educational events, workshops, and lectures, making it a valuable resource for students and arts enthusiasts.

Art Exhibits: Explore art exhibitions featuring the work of local and regional artists, offering a visual complement to the performing arts.

Community Engagement: Engage with the local arts community through collaborations, outreach programs, and cultural events.

Special Events: Attend special events, fundraisers, and galas that support and celebrate the performing arts.

The Zollner Performing Arts Center provides a platform for cultural enrichment, entertainment, and artistic expression, making it a significant cultural destination in the region.

Morris-Butler House

The Morris-Butler House, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a historic mansion that offers visitors a glimpse into the city’s past:

Guided Tours: Explore the beautifully preserved Victorian-era mansion with guided tours led by knowledgeable docents. Learn about the history, architecture, and lifestyle of the Morris and Butler families.

Architectural Beauty: Admire the stunning architectural details and the period-furnished rooms, showcasing the opulence and design of the 19th century.

Special Events: The house hosts special events, including cultural and educational programs, making it a vibrant hub for local history and heritage.

Gardens: Stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the mansion, offering a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city.

The Morris-Butler House provides a window into Indianapolis’ historical heritage, architectural elegance, and the lifestyle of the city’s elite during the 1800s.

Q: When is the best time to visit Indiana?

The best time to visit Indiana is during the spring (April-June) or fall (September-November) when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. Summers (July-August) can be hot and humid, while winters (December-March) can be cold and snowy.

Q: What are the must-see attractions in Indiana?

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway: This world-famous racetrack is home to the Indianapolis 500, the largest single-day sporting event in the world.
  • Indiana Dunes State Park: This park is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and offers stunning views of the dunes, beaches, and forests.
  • Newfields: This museum complex is home to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Lilly House and Gardens, and the Efroymson Family Entrance Pavilion.
  • Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art: This museum is dedicated to the art and culture of American Indians and the American West.
  • NCAA Hall of Champions: This museum is dedicated to the history of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and college sports.

Q: What are some unique experiences to have in Indiana?

  • Visiting a cave: Indiana is home to several caves, including Marengo Cave National Landmark and Bluespring Caverns.
  • Attending a festival: the state hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, such as the Indiana State Fair, the Three Rivers Festival, and the Taste of Indy.
  • Going to a sporting event: Home to several professional sports teams, including the Indianapolis Colts (NFL), the Indiana Pacers (NBA), and the Indianapolis Indians (Triple-A baseball).
  • Visiting a winery: The state has a growing wine industry, and there are several wineries located throughout the state.
  • Eating a Hoosier pork tenderloin sandwich: The Hoosier pork tenderloin sandwich is a popular dish in Indiana, and there are many restaurants that claim to have the best one.

Q: What are the best cities to visit in Indiana?

  • Indianapolis: Indianapolis is the capital and largest city in Indiana. It offers a variety of attractions, including museums, restaurants, and shops.
  • Fort Wayne: Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana. It offers a variety of attractions, including the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the Science Central science museum, and the Johnny Appleseed Historic Park.
  • Evansville: Evansville is located on the Ohio River and offers a variety of attractions, including the Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science, the Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden, and the Old National Events Plaza.
  • South Bend: South Bend is located in northern Indiana and is home to the University of Notre Dame. It offers a variety of attractions, including the Snite Museum of Art, the Potawatomi Zoo, and the Studebaker National Museum.
  • Carmel: Carmel is a suburb of Indianapolis and offers a variety of attractions, including the Center for the Performing Arts, the Arts & Design District, and the Coxhall Gardens.

Q: What are some tips for getting around Indiana?

The best way to get around Indiana depends on your itinerary. If you are staying in one city, you can get around by public transportation or taxi. If you are planning on visiting multiple cities or rural areas, it is best to rent a car.

Q: What should I pack for a trip to Indiana?

What you pack for a trip to Indiana will depend on the time of year you are visiting and the activities you have planned. If you are visiting in the summer, be sure to pack light, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and a hat. If you are visiting in the winter, be sure to pack warm clothing, a raincoat, and sturdy shoes.

Q: What are some safety considerations for visiting Indiana?

Indiana is a generally safe state to visit, but there are a few safety considerations to keep in mind. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas and at night. Do not leave valuables unattended in your car or hotel room. Be careful when driving, especially in rural areas where there may be wildlife on the road.

Q: How can I make the most of my trip to Indiana?

  • Plan your itinerary ahead of time and make reservations for popular attractions and restaurants.
  • Be flexible with your plans and be open to trying new things.
  • Take advantage of Indiana’s unique offerings, such as its caves, festivals, and sporting events.
  • Talk to locals and get their recommendations for things to see and do.
  • Enjoy the Hoosier hospitality!

Q: What are some hidden gems in Indiana?

  • Clifty Falls State Park: This park is located in southeastern Indiana and is home to a series of waterfalls and hiking trails.
  • Brown County State Park: This park is located in southern Indiana and is known for its beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and art galleries.
  • Turkey Run State Park: This park is located in western Indiana and is home to a variety of geological formations, hiking trails, and a scenic overlook.
  • Mounds State Park: This park is located in east central Indiana and is home to a group of ancient Native American mounds.
  • New Harmony: This historic town is located on the Wabash River and is home to a variety of museums, galleries, and shops.

Q: Can I enjoy family-friendly activities in Indiana?

  • Theme parks: Visit Indiana’s theme parks, including Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, perfect for family fun and thrilling rides.
  • Zoos and aquariums: Explore the Indianapolis Zoo, Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, and Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden, offering educational experiences and animal encounters.
  • Science museums: Interactive science museums like the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and WonderLab provide hands-on learning experiences for kids.
  • Historic sites: Journey back in time with family visits to historic sites such as Conner Prairie, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, and Indiana’s covered bridges.
  • Outdoor adventures: Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and exploring caves and caverns in Indiana’s state parks.
  • Water parks: Cool off in Indiana’s water parks and aquatic centers, featuring water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

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