Must-See Festivals and Events in California November 2024

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California November 2024

If you are planning to visit California, you should know that California is a captivating state with its rich diversity, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant communities. November 2024 is set to be a thrilling month, offering an extensive array of events that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or a foodie, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the Golden State this November. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the diverse lineup of events happening across California.

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Dia de los Muertos Festival

November kicks off with the vibrant Dia de los Muertos Festival, a celebration of Mexican culture and traditions. Held in various California locations, this event pays homage to loved ones who have passed away. Immerse yourself in a sea of colorful altars, lively processions, and delectable traditional cuisine.

Turn It Out with Tiler Peck

November kicks off with the vibrant Dia de los Muertos Festival, a celebration of Mexican culture and traditions. Held in various California locations, this event pays homage to loved ones who have passed away. Immerse yourself in a sea of colorful altars, lively processions, and delectable traditional cuisine.

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Harvest Festival Mendocino

Step into the cozy charm of autumn at the Harvest Festival in Mendocino. Here, you’ll find an enticing array of handmade crafts, local art, mouthwatering food, and live music. It’s also the ideal opportunity to get a head start on your holiday shopping.

Charles M. Schulz Museum Pop-Up Exhibit

For fans of the beloved Peanuts characters, a visit to the Charles M. Schulz Museum’s Pop-Up Exhibit is a must. Explore rare memorabilia, original comic strips, and delve into the legacy of Charles M. Schulz and his iconic characters.

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Big Sur Food & Wine Festival

Indulge your culinary cravings at the Big Sur Food & Wine Festival, an event that promises delectable dishes and world-class wines set against the breathtaking backdrop of the California coast. Foodies and wine enthusiasts won’t want to miss this feast for the senses.

Palm Springs Pride

Palm Springs Pride is an exuberant celebration of love, diversity, and acceptance. Join the festivities, which include lively parades, live music, and an inviting atmosphere that welcomes everyone with open arms. It’s a time to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate life’s many colors.

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Agua Caliente Cultural Center & Museum

Delve into the rich history and culture of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians at the Agua Caliente Cultural Center & Museum. Engage with interactive exhibits, exquisite artwork, and gain insights into the traditions and stories of this indigenous community.

Anniversary Party at The Hive

Don’t miss the festivities at The Hive’s Anniversary Party, a creative space where art and community come together. Enjoy live performances, and interactive art installations, and be inspired by the local talent that graces this unique celebration.

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Eat Drink SF

Calling all food lovers! The Eat Drink SF festival is a culinary extravaganza that showcases the best of California’s gastronomy. Savor a diverse array of delectable dishes and drinks crafted by the region’s top chefs and mixologists.

California Festival

The California Festival is a grand celebration of the state’s diverse culture, featuring live music, captivating art exhibitions, and a delectable selection of foods. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the melting pot of traditions that make California a one-of-a-kind destination.

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Ventura County Farm Day

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the agricultural heart of California during Ventura County Farm Day. Explore working farms, meet the dedicated farmers, and learn about the journey from farm to table for the produce that graces your meals.

Madera Pomegranate, Fruit, and Nut Festival

Dive into the colorful world of pomegranates, fruits, and nuts at the Madera Pomegranate, Fruit, and Nut Festival. Sample delicious treats, discover sustainable farming practices, and enjoy a day of family-friendly fun.

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Harvest on the Coast

Venture to the central coast for Harvest on the Coast, a wine and culinary celebration that promises premium wine tastings and gourmet delights. Take in the breathtaking coastal views while indulging your taste buds.

Western Flyer Returns

Embark on a journey back in time with the return of the Western Flyer, a historic fishing vessel made famous by the iconic author John Steinbeck. This beautifully restored vessel will be on display, allowing you to step back into a piece of maritime history.

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San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

Indulge your senses at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, a culinary extravaganza that features top chefs, acclaimed winemakers, and an array of epicurean delights. It’s a gourmet’s dream come true.

De Portola Wine Trail Harvest Festival

Explore the De Portola Wine Trail Harvest Festival in the picturesque Temecula Valley wine country. Enjoy wine tastings, delectable food pairings, and scenic vineyard tours, all set against the backdrop of the vibrant fall foliage.

California Musical Extravaganza

California Harmony Fest: Experience the magic of musical diversity and unity at California Harmony Fest, an annual celebration of music that transcends genres and backgrounds. This festival brings together both emerging talents and established headliners to offer a diverse musical experience while promoting values of diversity, inclusion, and social harmony.

Golden State Grooves Festival: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing rhythms of California’s music scene at the Golden State Grooves Festival. This event showcases a wide range of musical genres, from jazz and blues to rock and pop, uniting people from various backgrounds through the universal language of music.

Pacific Coast MelodyFest: Discover the coastal charm of California through the enchanting sounds of the Pacific Coast MelodyFest. This festival features a dynamic mix of musical styles and celebrates the state’s cultural richness while fostering a sense of community and unity among attendees.

Sunset Serenade Festival: Join the Sunset Serenade Festival for a musical journey that encapsulates the diverse and vibrant spirit of California. With a blend of genres and a commitment to fostering social harmony, this festival is a testament to the state’s rich cultural tapestry.

CaliSound Waves Festival: CaliSound Waves Festival invites music enthusiasts to ride the waves of California’s diverse music scene. With a lineup that reflects the state’s cultural mosaic, this festival unites people in a harmonious celebration of music, diversity, and togetherness.

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Petroglyph Fest

Connect with California’s ancient history at Petroglyph Fest, where you can marvel at ancient rock carvings and learn about the native cultures that left their mark on the landscape. It’s a unique opportunity to step into the past.

Spartan Race

Adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts, get ready for the Spartan Race – a thrilling challenge that will test your limits through a series of obstacle courses designed to push both your physical and mental boundaries.

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Let yourself be transported into the magical world of Lightscape, an illuminated trail that winds its way through the enchanting landscapes of the Los Angeles Arboretum. It’s an experience that’s sure to leave you in awe of the dazzling visuals.

Redding Garden of Lights

Take a leisurely stroll through the Redding Garden of Lights and find yourself transported to a winter wonderland filled with thousands of twinkling lights, festive displays, and holiday cheer.

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Holiday Season at the Theme Parks

With the holiday season approaching, California’s theme parks come to life with enchanting decorations, captivating seasonal shows, and a wide range of special events. Disneyland, Universal Studios, and other parks offer magical experiences suitable for visitors of all ages.

Goat Hill Fair

The Goat Hill Fair is a haven for vintage and antique enthusiasts. Here, collectors, artisans, and shoppers come together to discover unique treasures that will add character and charm to your home.

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Opening Days at California Ski Resorts

With November’s arrival, California’s mountain regions herald the beginning of the ski season. Explore the opening days of the state’s ski resorts and hit the slopes for a thrilling dose of winter adventure.

Sparkle DTLA

Sparkle DTLA is an enchanting holiday light experience that transforms downtown Los Angeles into a mesmerizing wonderland of lights and captivating art installations. It’s the perfect family-friendly setting to soak in the festive spirit.

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Palm Desert Choreography Festival

Witness the grace and beauty of dance at the Palm Desert Choreography Festival, where talented dancers from around the world showcase their artistry in a mesmerizing display of movement and creativity.

Sawdust Festival Winter Fantasy

Laguna Beach’s Sawdust Festival Winter Fantasy is a holiday-themed artisan market brimming with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gifts, captivating art, and live entertainment. It’s the ultimate destination to find unique and distinctive holiday presents.

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Mountain Mandarin Festival

Celebrate the citrus season at the Mountain Mandarin Festival, where you can savor delicious mandarin oranges and explore local craft vendors, food stalls, and family-friendly activities.

The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Travel back in time to Victorian London at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair. Immerse yourself in a traditional holiday atmosphere complete with period costumes, caroling, and charming shops.

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Mission Inn Festival of Lights

The Mission Inn Festival of Lights in Riverside is a dazzling spectacle of holiday decorations, featuring millions of twinkling lights, enchanting horse-drawn carriages, and lively entertainment that will fill your heart with holiday cheer.

151st Anniversary Celebration of the Pigeon Point Light Station

Visit the historic Pigeon Point Light Station and be part of its 151st-anniversary celebration. Explore the lighthouse, discover its history, and take in the breathtaking coastal views that surround it.

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Holidays at Filoli

Experience the holidays in grand style at Filoli, a historic estate located in Woodside. The mansion and gardens are transformed into a festive wonderland, with special events and tours that add a touch of magic to the holiday season.

Illuminate SF Festival of Light

San Francisco’s Illuminate SF Festival of Light is a citywide art installation that illuminates the urban landscape with breathtaking light displays. Explore the city while marveling at the captivating works of light art that grace its streets.

The November 2024 offers a diverse array of events in California, catering to cultural enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and food lovers. Mark your calendars and make the most of this exciting November in the Golden State. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in this captivating and culturally diverse region.

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